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Our hopes for the construction industry in 2018


The start of a new year is the perfect time to look forward and consider the potential opportunities for positive change and the tangible actions that can bring this about.

With this in mind Stuart McKill, our Sustainable Habitat Leader for Saint-Gobain in Scotland shares his thoughts below on how the construction industry can improve in 2018 and beyond.

Like many other companies, our predominant hope for this year is stability and growth within the markets in which we operate. We believe this can be delivered through the following:

  • A commitment to focus on the wellbeing of occupants and not just capacity and building quality. Our sector has the potential to make a vast positive societal impact by adopting a holistic approach to building design and construction whereby energy efficiency combined with measures to improve lighting, acoustics, air quality and wider sustainability aspects are considered.
  • The Government taking the lead in setting a higher bar for not only building performance standards but also more ambitious user focused outcomes. For example, research has proved that better performing buildings in the Education sector result in healthier, more productive and engaged students.
  • A significant push to support the training and development of appropriate industry skills to deliver the above. With materials and building solutions ever evolving it’s also important that we ensure training is relevant and fit for the future of our industry.
  • The industry needs to continue to innovate products and systems to offer the best solutions. For example, one in four Saint-Gobain products that is sold today didn’t exist five years ago.
  • Further recognition of the importance of accelerating programmes to improve Scotland’s existing housing/building stock.

Finally, and most importantly, we hope to see more collaborative working with our business partners to deliver better buildings, solutions and a legacy around infrastructure and construction that will serve future generations.

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