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Add colour and fresh tones to your interior with the brilliance of glass.

Key products include:


A new generation mirror, produced using an environmentally friendly process; SGG MIRALITE EVOLUTION is a clear or tinted silvered glass of exceptionally high quality and durability. This improved manufacturing process also improves the optical quality of the product and significantly increases its longevity through a better resistance to corrosion.


SGG PLANILAQUE EVOLUTION is a lacquered glass, coloured and opaque in appearance and is produced by depositing and then baking a highly durable and resistant lacquer to one side of the glass.


SGG EMALIT EVOLUTION is a lead-free enamelled and toughened glass. Its non-transparent, coloured appearance is produced by enamelling one side of the glass. Available in a range of colours the glass is fired at a very high temperature, a process which simultaneously toughens the glass. The enamel is completely integrated into the surface of the glass, giving the decoration exceptional durability and colour stability over time.

Companies specialising in Glass cladding

  • Glassolutions
  • Saint-Gobain Glass Saint-Gobain Glass
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