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The external envelope of a building fulfils the primary function of protecting the interior from the outside elements. Additionally, double glazing options enable thermal insulation during the cooler seasons; protection from overheating during warm periods; energy savings in heating systems; air conditioning and artificial lighting; protection of the environment; and isolation from outside noise.

The external envelope of a building also projects an image to the outside world by combining design and functional objectives.

A broad range of double glazed units (DGUs), tempered, laminated, annealed and coloured enamelled glasses offer great flexibility in terms of appearance, performance, and composition options to suit modern architectural requirements.

Key products include:


SGG STADIP and SGG STADIP PROTECT are made up of two or more sheets of glass bonded together with a plastic interlayer.  After the plastic has been placed between the glass sheets, the whole assembly is subjected to heat and pressure. This results in the complete adhesion of the vinyl and the glass.

In the event of breakage, the glass fragments remain bonded to the plastic interlayer. In a fully framed conventional installation the glass fragments are held together and the glass retains a residual strength while awaiting replacement.


Contraflam is the ultimate fire-resistant glass within the Saint-Gobain range. It is a multi-laminated, fully insulated fire-resisting glass, which is produced from two or more panes of tempered safety glass that are then separated by clear and colourless advanced intumescent interlayers. It offers fire protection from EI30 to EI120. Contraflam and Contraflam Lite can be used as single glazing for internal areas such as doors, screens and partitions of timber, steel and some aluminium constructions. Contraflam and Contraflam Lite can easily be incorporated into double glazed units for external areas. Solar control types of glass such as Parsol, Antelio and Cool-lite can be easily incorporated, as well as low emissivity products such as Planitherm Ultra for increased thermal insulation and compliance with Document L.


SGG CLIMAPLUS double glazed units incorporate a low emissivity coating on one face.  This provides a significantly improved or very low U-value compared to ordinary SGG CLIMALIT double glazing. 

 A range of neutral, high performance solar control double glazed units with advanced thermal insulation properties used to help keep interiors cooler during hot weather and warmer during the cooler months. The excellent solar control properties decrease the burden on costly air conditioning and the additional thermal insulation lessen excessive internal heat loss, which help to reduce the carbon emissions of buildings.


  • A range of appearances and performance options to meet numerous project requirements.
  • Particularly suited to large areas of façade glazing to improve interior comfort.
  • Toughenable coatings for both ease of processing and increased safety and security.


Other Applications:

  • Glass roof / skylights
  • Windows
  • Glass facades
  • Conservatories

Companies specialising in Glass facades

  • Glassolutions
  • Saint-Gobain Glass Saint-Gobain Glass
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