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Glass roofs and skylights

Saint-Gobain offers a range of glass products that can bring light and comfort to your building and has a solution to satisfy every need:

  • Low maintenance – save time and money on window cleaning with self cleaning products
  • Noise reduction – make your world a quieter place with acoustic insulation
  • Maintain total comfort all year round – improve energy efficiency, maximise internal light and space and maintain year round comfort
  • Security – products for fire protection, safety and security
  • Control light and privacy- contrast transparency with diffused light to enhance your space
  • Innovative design – a wealth of glass designs, colour and textures

When sloping glazing is to be used in the presence of people, the use of laminated glass is strongly recommended, if not mandatory. This means that in the instance of breakage, the glass remains bonded to the PVB interlayer and is less likely to cause injury.

Key products include:


The SGG PLANITHERM family of products are specifically designed to keep interiors more comfortable in winter months and improve the energy efficiency of your home. SGG PLANITHERM is an extremely versatile group of products suitable for a wide range of domestic and commercial applications including:

  • Windows and skylights
  • Patio doors & french doors
  • Conservatories and sunrooms
  • Glass facades


SGG BIOCLEAN COOL-LITE ST is a dual-function glass that provides both solar protection and a self-cleaning low-maintenance coating on the outside surface.  This unique glass combines two coatings so you can have the best of both worlds! The SGG BIOCLEAN coating harnesses UV light and rain to efficiently breakdown and rinse away dirty residues so your windows stay cleaner for longer. At the same time the SGG COOL-LITE coating blocks up to 2/3 of heat by reflecting it to the outside therefore keeping the interior temperature cooler during sunny spells.


SGG SECURIT is a toughened safety glass. It has undergone a special heat treatment to increase its strength and resistance to impact. In fact it is approximately five times more resistant than normal glass. As an example a piece of 8mm toughened glass will be able to withstand a steel ball weighing 500g dropped from a height of 2 metres.

Companies specialising in Glass roofs and skylights

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