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Glass wall cladding

Whether for the interior or the exterior, decorative glass claddings provide an attractive, practical and cost-effective alternative to tiling, painting, and other forms of decoration. Because enamelled glass is used mainly for this application, great benefits can be derived in the area of daily maintenance.

A broad range of tempered, laminated, enamelled, curved and specially treated glass offers great flexibility in terms of appearance, performance, and composition options to suit modern architectural requirements.

Key products include:


SGG LITE-WALL® is a bolted glass assembly system, consisting of double glazed units with concealed bolts or single glazed units, installed using counter-sunk bolts. This system is used to create flush external glazing, fixed to an independent support structure, allowing large pane sizes and minimum framing.

From an architectural point of view, this high-tech system accentuates light, transparency and visibility through glass.

Companies specialising in Glass wall cladding

  • Glassolutions
  • Saint-Gobain Glass Saint-Gobain Glass
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