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Insulation for metal duct work

Saint-Gobain Isover products are designed to provide high levels of thermal and acoustic insulation in HVAC ductwork applications, such as rectangular, flat oval and circular ductwork.
Products include:

• ISOVER Multi-Purpose Duct Slab - suitable for use with all types of rectangular ductwork.
• ISOVER High Performance Duct Slab - suitable where an extra firm substrate is required for subsequent coverings.
• ISOVER High Performance Duct Wrap - a strong, easy to handle mattress for use with all shapes of ductwork.
• Isover ULTIMATE™ Protect Fire Protection – for use with all shapes of  metal ductwork, Suitable for ventilation, smoke and kitchen extract ductwork
• The CLIMAVER® pre-insulated ductwork system solution - meets the thermal, acoustic and fire performance requirements stipulated by today’s stringent Building Regulations.


Isover ULTIMATE™ Protect Fire Protection


ULTIMATE™ Protect is a new generation mineral wool that combines all the advantages of conventional thermal and acoustic insulation with increased fire protection.

The ULTIMATE™ Protect product range, also known as U Protect, consists of Slabs and Wired Mats which offer up to two hours fire protection for both rectangular and circular ductwork systems.


Isover CLIMAVER® pre-insulated ductwork system solution

Isover CLIMAVER® is made from a high-density glass mineral wool board. The system is a more economical and more efficient alternative to conventional ‘sheet metal and insulation’ ductwork and will enable all thermal, fire and acoustic requirements to be met.


The fabrication process allows precision-cut joints, ensuring very low leakage rates, leading to improved performance and energy savings. The Isover CLIMAVER ® system is highly adaptable to on-site changes in design and layout whilst projects are progressing.


As CLIMAVER® is a single product replacement for the two traditional trades of metal ductwork and lagging, it offers the benefit of much faster installation time, which results in lower installed costs with minimal material waste.


As well as intrinsic thermal and acoustic properties, CLIMAVER® has a Class ‘O’ fire rating

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