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Soil, drain & rainwater

Soil, drain & rainwater

Above ground drainage

Saint-Gobain offers a drainage system to suit most above ground applications for commercial and public buildings all backed by third party certification.

•  Ensign

The only cast iron system kitemarked to the latest product standard, fully meeting all the requirements of BS EN 877:1999. A mechanically jointed system coated red used for soil and waste, vent, and rainwater systems.

• Ensign EEZI-FIT

A new push-fit range of socketed fittings and coupling to BS EN 877:1999 which uses standard Ensign pipe and is designed for sanitary gravity applications – offering all the benefits of cast iron with the advantages of push-fit assembly.

• Timesaver

Kitemarked to BS416 part 2, black coated and is the ideal choice for external soil stacks on traditional buildings with its Heritage range of push-fit couplings and 6ft pipes.

• Epams

A cast iron syphonic rainwater drainage system, which includes stainless steel outlets to suit most roof designs, with the SMU cast iron pipes and fittings to BS EN 877 certified by BBA (Cert No. 06/4328).

• Roof outlets

Saint-Gobain offer a small range of roof and balcony outlets for use with the Ensign and Timesaver systems.

Below ground drainage

Saint-Gobain offer two below ground systems for gravity buried drainage and bridge drainage.

• Timesaver

Kitemarked to BS437 is black coated and has immense strength with its extra section thickness. Its range contains many British standard design fittings ie chambers, gully traps, gully inlets, raising pieces and garage gullies.

• Ensign

Below ground system kitemarked to BS EN 877, grey coated and significantly lighter in weight to BS437. Its range of fittings is better suited for the more European rodding point method of below ground drainage.

Rainwater and gutter systems

Saint-Gobain PAM manufactures the Classical range of traditional rainwater and gutter systems designed in accordance with BS 460. Its standard ranges of half round gutter and circular downpipe system are also assessed and approved by British Board of Agrement Cetificate 97/3434 (the only cast iron manufacturer with third party accreditation).

• Classical rainwater downpipes

Supplied in water based primer coat ready for on-site painting to match any colour scheme

• Classical Plus

Supplied in a finished coat ready for immediate installation

• Classical Express

High flow half round ‘socketless’ cast iron gutter system which is connected using unique jointing clips that can be easily installed in any weather.  Available in water based primer or Plus finish.

Why specify cast iron?

• Fire safety - Cast iron is non-combustible and does not require any fire protection (approved Doc B), and will not emit toxic gases or sooty smog.
• Acoustic performance - Ensign significantly out-performs the latest acoustic lined Plastic systems and HDPE systems by up to 10 dB(A) for structure-borne noise and 4-5dB(A) for airborne noise.
• Longevity - When a building is modernised every 15 or 20 years, the cast iron elements along with structure will likely remain, and should last the life of the building. The most appropriate proven material is cast iron recognised for its fit and forget advantages - the ideal choice for PFI projects.
• Strength - High resistance to accidental impact damage, mishandling on site and vandalism.
• Sustainability - Saint-Gobain cast iron systems are manufactured from 97% recycled material (scrap) which are in turn 100% recyclable at the end of their extended life span of in excess of 50 years.

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