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Clean water applications

For clean water applications, Saint-Gobain offer a range of ductile pipes and fittings in the diameter range of DN80 to DN2000, suitable for use with up to 64 bar of pressure.  All potable water products are manufactured to UK, European and International standards and are kitemarked under the BSI registered approval scheme.

PAM Natural®, DN80 to DN800 is externally coated with zinc/aluminium alloy plus blue epoxy.  Internally, pipes have a cement lining that complies fully with Drinking Water Regulation 31.  Heavy duty coating is available for aggressive ground conditions.

Pipes and fittings are supplied as standard with RapidTM push fit joint or flanged joints.

PAM DirectionalTM is a simple and effective ductile iron solution where open cut trenches are not suitable or possible.

BlutopTM is a truly innovative solution for smaller diameter potable water applications, using strong ductile iron with a thermoplastic lining to create a lighter weight pipe retaining all the advantages of ductile iron. For more information on BlutopTM please click here:

Sewerage and waste water

For Sewerage applications, Saint-Gobain manufacture and supply a complete range of ductile iron pipes and fittings in the diameter range DN80 to DN2000.

PAM Integral® pipes and fittings are available with a range of jointing systems to suit particular applications and feature the Rapid push fit joint.  PAM Integral pipes are also available with flanged joints for above and below ground applications.

PAM Integral PlusTM pipes have a zinc/aluminium coating with a tough red/brown epoxy.  Additional heavy coatings are available for aggressive ground conditions. 

Integral and Integral Plus pipes have a high alumina cement mortar lining for excellent chemical and abrasion resistance.


Saint-Gobain offers a comprehensive range of ductile iron fittings, both socketed and flanged, with a blue epoxy coating for potable water and a red epoxy coating for waste water and sewage and is available in the diameter range DN80 to DN2000.


Kameleo is the smart answer to tight corners.

Modular and variably angled, Kameleo offers contractors the real possibility of saving time, effort and money, even on challenging sites.

Normally, a combination of hard bends (45°, 22.5° and 11.25°) are used to connect pipes which do not make a specific angle. Kameleo is different - its continuously variable angle from 0 to 45° means that using two, three or more bends is a thing of the past. Kameleo is a variable angle bend with a variety of connection kits for the ultimate in flexibility and simplified logistics.

For further information on Kameleo and to download the presentation, please click here:

Fabricated Pipe

Saint-Gobain offer a range of fabricated pipe tailored to customer requirements. Flange spigot, flange socket and double flanged pipes are available in a variety of lengths in diameter range DN80 to DN2000 for both water and sewer application. Fabricated pipes are manufactured in accordance with BS EN 545 for potable water and BS EN 598 for sewerage.

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