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Insulating glass units are used in essentially all exterior building applications. Installed in windows and facades, double glazing options allow thermal insulation during the cooler seasons; protection from overheating during warm periods; energy savings in heating systems, air conditioning and artificial lighting; protection of the environment; and isolation from outside noise.

Key products include:

SGG EcoClear

SGG EcoClear® is a range of double glazed unit products designed by Glassolutions to facilitate Energy Saving Recommended windows.

Incorporating new SGG PLANITHERM® TOTAL + thermally insulating glass technology, windows glazed with EcoClear can achieve A, B and C BFRC Window Energy Ratings (WERs) in most frames. Windows glazed with EcoClear improve the energy efficiency of homes AND allow a homeowner to save money on their heating bills. EcoClear also works to reduce CO2 emissions and is made from over 30% recycled glass.

Where possible, waste generated through the production process is fully recycled. At the end of the life cycle of the frame the timber, glass, aluminium, and fittings are fully recyclable.


The SGG PLANITHERM family of products are specifically designed to keep interiors more comfortable in winter months and improve the energy efficiency of your home. SGG PLANITHERM is an extremely versatile group of products suitable for a wide range of domestic and commercial applications including:

  • Windows and skylights
  • Patio doors & french doors
  • Conservatories and sunrooms
  • Glass facades


SGG BIOCLEAN is a dual-action self-cleaning glass that stays cleaner for longer. A permanent, transparent coating on the outside surface of the glass harnesses the power of both sun and rain to efficiently breakdown and remove dirt and grime such as dried, dirty water marks, dust and insect residues.


SGG COOL-LITE is a solar control glass, which blocks up to 2/3 of heat by reflecting it to the outside. It can be used to help keep the interior cooler during hot months. The glass has a microscopically thin coating on one face which provides an attractive appearance and reduces glare from direct sunlight.


SGG SECURIT is a toughened safety glass. It has undergone a special heat treatment to increase its strength and resistance to impact. In fact it is approximately five times more resistant than normal glass. As an example a piece of 8mm toughened glass will be able to withstand a steel ball weighing 500g dropped from a height of 2 metres.

Companies specialising in Windows

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  • Glassolutions
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